Valdama Identity




The origins

Valdama was founded in 2005.  Founded by Daniele Vitali, Valdama is located in the industrial district of Civita Castellana and is specialized in the production of high quality ceramic washbasins and sanitary ware.
The knowledge of the material and of the know-how of ceramic product processing is actually of long standing. In fact, it is based on the experience inherited from the previous family business - the VARM founded in 1979 by Gastone Vitali, Daniele's father, dedicated to the production of plates and accessories for the table of artisanal excellence, completely handmade.



On this background Valdama has built the guidelines of its production. In its industrial structure, the company has in fact maintained the organizational and production flexibility of the artisanal model, which today constitutes a significant distinctive sign that differentiates it from other companies in the sector.
The possibility of producing limited series of products, from time to time, using independent cooking ovens and the possibility of easily alternating the molds in production, represent two great advantages in terms of production and market that allow the company to respond in a quick timing to specific requests and to the special needs of its customers. The care of the manual process in the finishing phase allows, in fact, to customize color and effects.


Design and products

The company takes advantage  of the art direction of Prospero Rasulo, designer and artist with a strong experience in the bathroom sector and a personal approach to the project that has guided Valdama's strategy and the development of an innovative catalog from the very beginning of products.
Technique and functionality are the basis of the product development philosophy together with the emotional and sensorial aspect of the material and its forms.
Brightness and particular pleasantness to the touch are the salient material effects that characterize Valdama products.
The goal is to stand out on the international bathroom scene with a personal stylistic code capable of giving everyday objects, consolidated from a typological point of view, a more courtly breath, bringing them closer to becoming small masterpieces of quality and daily harmony.



Valdama has launched an internal research and experimentation program aimed at a constant improvement of the quality of the material and the refinement of production techniques that allows the creation of projects capable of guiding the design trends of the sector, and to propose unusual and innovative details and finishes.
Due to Rasulo's artistic training and sense of spatial composition , the experimentation of forms always comes from a conceptual vision and then confront technology to make possible something that was previously unthinkable.
The search for color, based on his knowledge and his pictorial skill, is another important element, which has led to the creation of an innovative, sophisticated color range for washbasins and sanitary ware, in line with the most advanced trends in contemporary architecture.
The goal is to achieve total product exclusivity and brand uniqueness.
Made in Italy artisan quality
Quality excellence is the mission of Valdama. The creation of each product requests a lot of energy and has complex implications to take into account: material, human work, respect for the environment, corporate social responsibility. That’s why it is necessary to create durable, high quality objects, designed and built with passion and with the most careful manual care. Unique and special artifacts capable of reaching the highest level of that typically Italian craftsmanship that the world admires.


Ecology and sustainability

Valdama has undertaken in recent years an evolutionary process of transformation of the production process according to the ecological and sustainable vision to reduce the impact and overall energy consumption along with the emission of CO2.
The strong investment made to replace the production plants was completed at the end of 2020 with these major interventions:

  • Replacement of the main cooking oven with another of extremely modern conception with reverse draft which allows savings in methane consumption up to 30% of that consumed previously, with better product quality. Each cubic meter of methane saved reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by 1.8 kg. Based on the annual consumption of the oven, there is a reduction in CO2 emissions of 350 tons / year.
  • Installation of a 157.08 kW photovoltaic system capable of producing 199617 kWh per year with a reduction in CO2 (greenhouse gas) emissions of 60 tons / year.
  • Replacement of existing lamps with high-performance LED lighting bodies to reduce energy consumption and therefore CO2 generation, which allows an annual saving of 57,000 kWh equal to 18 tons / year of greenhouse gas 
  • Replacement of the two compressor stations of the company with high-performance and variable speed compressors to copy the actual needs of the company, without dissipating excess air.

The evolution of the company's plants today translates into a lower emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of over 440 tons per year