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Cersaie 2013

Valdama’s collections protagonists at next Cersaie in Bologna 

September 23 – 27 2013

Valdama will renew its participation to the 2013 edition of Cersaie in Bologna next September 23-27 under the artistic direction of Prospero Rasulo.
The new booth designed by him, will welcome the visitors whom will have the opportunity to admire our novelties, such as the collections Seed and Trace.

Seed collection, designed by Prospero Rasulo, was born from the idea of a seed that generates a form if fed. Seed is also a sign of harmony. Seed is like a cradle of life, beauty and ornament. Seed feeds of water to give life to a new species. A casing which contains life and guarantees growth at the same time.

Collection Trace is designed by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio from design V+T studio. A Trace is the manifestation of a feeling, the hint of something, the sketch of a drawing, a mark left on the ground, an impression, a line cutting through the surface. The flow of time and water has created sculptures in a substance, the transition of elements has gently smoothed the forms, modeling them.

A trace which witnesses the change from something that was to something that will be, and leaves an indelible sign behind.

Valdama enlarges his basic products range with the collection IL, which includes the new WC, Bidet and Freestanding washbasin, designed by Rep Studio Design. A furnishing solution characterized by essential forms perfectly adaptable to any bathroom.

Company culture is inside every choice and every project, always looking for quality. Artisan quality of the original Made in Italy, from raw materials to the skilled workers. Every effort is recognized by the certification of “Ceramics of Italy”, the brand that identifies the Italian companies ceramic producers capable to be very attentive to the ceramic tradition, quality, innovation and design, marking every piece in an indelible way. An attitude to thinking and being that testifies Valdama’s authentic design culture belonging. 

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