Franco Giorgi

Franco Giorgi was born in Torretta Tiberina in 1934. He specialized in ceramic art and worked it during 50 years.


He worked as an art teacher in the HighSchool of Art in Civita Castellana, Gargnano and Orvieto. Through the years he participated in a lot of international art contests as Ceramica d’Arte di Faenza, winning many awards like the International EPT award.


During his artistic career he made important art exposures: 2002 Museum of Ceramic of Viterbo; 2008 Palazzo dei Sette of Orvieto; 2012 Museum Vittoriano di Roma; 2011 Cappella Borgiana of Forte Sangallo in Civita Castellana.


We can also find some of his works in: International Ceramic Museum in Faenza; Museum of Ceramic in Deruta; Museum of Ceramic in Nova; Museum Sissa-Pagani in Castellanza; Museum of Ceramic Carivit Foundation in Viterbo.


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